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Villanova to Berwyn Office at 1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300, Berwyn, PA, 19312 

Villanova to Berwyn Office at 1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300, Berwyn, PA, 19312 

Office: (267)427-5667
Mobile: (267)427-5667
Toll-Free: (267)427-5667


Directions from Villanova to Berwyn Office:

The office address 1055 Westlakes Drive, Berwyn, PA 19312 should work with GPS navigation. From Villanova, the GPS will likely suggest either Conestoga Road or I-76 to Route 202.

As you are approaching the office and after you make the turn onto Westlakes Drive, you’ll notice a stone pillar with arrows pointing towards building number 1055. There is a large parking lot with free parking in front of the building. 

After parking, you’ll notice large revolving glass doors at the entrance of the building. Enter through the revolving glass doors. This will lead you into the lobby. The elevators are on the left-hand side of the lobby behind the large fountain that you’ll see when entering. Take the elevator up to the third floor. 

When you get off the elevator at the third floor, make a left and enter Suite 300. Staff at the front desk will greet you.

If you have any questions about directions or issues getting into the lobby of the building, call 267-427-5667.

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