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Retirement Planning is Our Speciality

One-Stop Comprehensive Retirement Planning
For People Age 50+

About us

About Kyle Rolek, CFP®

Born in Easton, PA, Kyle's education-first approach is in large part inspired by his parents who are both long-time Pennsylvania public school teachers.


Kyle attended Lafayette College and earned an Economics degree in 2009 (he started at Lafayette as pre-med, but switched to business during sophomore year after failing miserably at organic chemistry). 


Following graduation, Kyle joined ING Financial Partners where he obtained the Certified Financial Planner designation. He'd also go on to complete Stanford University's Value Investing program.


In 2015, Kyle founded Rolek Retirement Planning. His aim was to design a comprehensive retirement planning process tailored to those nearing retirement. 


Since then the firm has consistently grown, forming partnerships with experts in tax, law, and health insurance to provide one-stop, comprehensive retirement planning for those nearing retirement. 


Learn more about our comprehensive process below.

We Help Clients...

  1. Protect their long-term financial security

  2. Determine the amount of money needed to retire

  3. Minimize the impact of future tax increases on retirement income

  4. Plan for unexpected healthcare costs, including long-term care

  5. Use investments to produce consistent cash flow in retirement

  6. Maximize social security, including survivor and spousal benefits

  7. Implement Roth conversions in a way that’s tax efficient

  8. Plan for the surviving spouse's security if one spouse dies young

  9. Reduce or eliminate potential future estate and inheritance taxes

  10. Avoid common retirement planning pitfalls and mistakes

Learn how our retirement planning process can benefit you...


Our Retirement Planning Process

1. Lifestyle Planning

- What will you do to enjoy yourself during retirement?

- Will any retirement lifestyle changes have a significant impact on your expenses?


3. Income Planning

- Will your retirement income be enough to fund your expenses?

- When should you start social security? Which pension option should you select?


5. Tax Planning

- How will potential future tax increases impact your long-term financial security?

- How can you reduce the harm that future tax increases may inflict on your plan?


7. Estate Planning

- Will assets pass to beneficiaries in a way that’s intentional and tax-efficient?

- How can you minimize or eliminate potential estate and inheritance taxes?


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2. Expense Planning

- How much will you need to spend per year to live the life you want in retirement?

- How will inflation, taxes, and healthcare costs impact your expenses over time?


4. Investment Planning

- How will you use your investments to generate income that lasts for life?

- How will you protect your investments from the many risks you’ll face during retirement?


6. Healthcare Planning

- How much will you spend each year on health care costs in retirement?

- How can you protect assets from potential future long-term care expenses?


8. Monitoring Plan

- How will you ensure your plan stays updated and on track throughout your retirement?

Our process handles the issues raised above and many others as part of one nicely organized, comprehensive plan.

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Our process is optimized specifically for those nearing retirement or already retired. As a result, we’re well-equipped to handle the finer details.

Certified Financial Planner™

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, we meet rigorous educational and ethical standards for  the benefit of our clients.


Higher quality advice. It’s the result of organizing all important aspects of retirement planning into one simple, well-organized plan.


Working With Us

We Provide One-Stop Comprehensive Retirement Planning For People Age 50+


1. Consultation

We discuss your concerns, goals, and current situation

2. Build Plan

We help you build a customized plan to accomplish your objectives

3. Monitor Plan

We keep your plan updated to protect your long-term financial security

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