Rolek Retirement Planning

Why Rolek - Five Reasons

Five Reasons Clients Hire Us As Their Fiduciary Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner:

1 - Retirement Planning Expertise

  • We bring specialized knowledge to the table in the retirement planning space that generalist advisors can't match.

2 - Fiduciary Always

  • We act as a fiduciary in all cases. We do not get paid hidden commissions or hidden fees to recommend products or services. Our interest is aligned with our clients. We will gladly sign a statement confirming that we will not receive any hidden commissions or hidden fees and we will provide advice that we firmly believe is in the client's best interest at all times when initiating a relationship with a new client.

3 - Customized Advice

  • We do not provide one-size-fits-all advice. We do not meet clients with a pre-packaged solution already in mind. We do not churn out cookie cutter plans for all comers. Our plans are custom made to fit each unique client. 

4 - High-quality Relationships

  • Our relationships with clients are built to last for the long term. Our clients are free to call us any time, including nights and weekends. We love what we do and we welcome ongoing communication from clients with open arms. We take care to select clients who we believe will be high-quality relationships for us too, not based solely on how much money the person has, but on whether we'd enjoy working with them for the long-term.

5 - Organized Process

  • We follow a well-organized process that we've honed over the years to deliver results. 

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