Rolek Retirement Planning

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Bring any questions you have about anything related to your retirement planning and we'll discuss them together during your consultation.

Fill in the "Request Consultation" form and we'll be in touch.

Where can I learn more about Rolek Retirement Planning?

  • Why clients hire us is discussed on this page: Why Rolek
  • The Fiduciary Difference (very important) is discussed on this page: Fiduciary Financial Advisor
  • Our retirement planning process is outlined on this page: Our Process
  • If you'd like more detail and like to read, here's a link to our retirement planning book: Book

What should I expect during my consultation?

Here's the agenda:

  1. Discuss what you hope to gain from retirement planning
  2. Review the checklist of items to prepare (sent by email after the consultation is scheduled)
  3. Determine if working together on retirement planning is a good mutual fit

Once your consultation is scheduled, we'll email the checklist of items to prepare.

Do you hold consultations by phone or in person?

  • We do both. If you prefer in person, we'll meet in one of our offices. If you prefer by phone, we'll do that instead. We'll handle all the logistics after receiving your request. 

Does the consultation have a cost?

  • No

Additional Questions?

  • Either type them into the "Send us a message" section of the "Request Consultation" form, give us a call at 267-427-5667, or send an email to