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Our Retirement Planning Process


Lifestyle Planning.

Step 1 addresses how to maintain a sense of purpose, connection, and get the most out of life during retirement.


Expense Planning.

Step 2 addresses how to estimate annual expenses during retirement ... with inflation, taxes, and healthcare costs carefully factored into the plan.


Income Planning.

Step 3 addresses how to create an organized retirement cash flow statement including social security income, pension income, and other income sources that may apply.


Investment Planning. 

Step 4 addresses how to create a well-organized investment plan that generates inflation-adjusted income, lasts for the duration of retirement, and accomplishes other personal goals when applicable. 


Tax Planning. 

Step 5 addresses retirement tax strategy such as setting up appropriate tax withholdings, planning for Required Minimum Distributions, performing periodic Roth Conversions, and other tax related items that add value to the long-term plan.


Healthcare Planning. 

Step 6 addresses healthcare costs, Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and options to plan for potential future long-term care expenses.  


Estate planning.

Step 7 addresses wills, trusts, probate, estate and inheritance tax planning, periodic gifting, and protecting assets from potential future long-term care costs.


Ongoing advisory relationship. 

Our goal is to maintain a lifelong relationship with clients. We proactively nudge clients to make value-added adjustments to their plans as needed over time.


Our mentality is that we will do whatever it takes to protect our client's long-term financial security.

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