Kyle Rolek, CFP®

Kyle Rolek, CFP®


As a fiduciary, I am held to the highest standard of care, and I am required to act in the best interests of my clients at all times.

Meet Kyle Rolek, CFP®

As a retirement advisor and Certified Financial Planner, Kyle Rolek teaches classes about retirement held at colleges and universities in the Greater Philadelphia area. Kyle graduated in 2009 from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania with a degree in economics and business. He got his start in the industry in 2009 with a global Fortune 500 leader where he was consistently ranked as a top advisor within his firm. He moved up the ranks to become a Vice President and Registered Principal, before moving on to form Rolek Retirement Planning.

Kyle started Rolek Retirement Planning to put his firm in a better position to provide unbiased advice to its clients. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Rolek Retirement Planning is not tied to any particular investment products or company. This offers clients an independent alternative to the predominantly sales-oriented, broker-driven model of investment advice. As a fiduciary, Rolek Retirement Planning is duty-bound to provide advice that serves clients’ best interest at all times.