Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Effective retirement planning has seven specific key areas that all work together to build a detailed, comprehensive plan.

Lifestyle Planning

Lifestyle planning’s role is to determine how you’ll maintain a sense of purpose and lead a meaningful life during your retirement.

Expense Planning

Expense planning’s role is to determine how much you’ll need to spend per year during retirement to live the retirement lifestyle you want, factoring in inflation, taxes, healthcare costs, and other items that may come up along the way.

Income Planning

Income planning’s role is to determine how to make the most of important retirement income sources such as social security and pensions.

Investment Planning

Investment planning’s role is to create an overall plan that will provide you with enough income to live the lifestyle you want, adjusted for inflation over time. To accomplish that, it’s important to position your accounts with the right balance between the four retirement risks: market, inflation, liquidity, and longevity

Tax Planning

Tax planning’s role is to plan ahead for how taxes will impact retirement, while also remaining conscious of ways to reduce taxes today.

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare planning has three main roles. First, estimate how much you’ll need to spend per year, with an appropriate inflation rate considered. Second, take steps to smooth out costs from year to year as much as possible. Third, plan to reduce the risk that catastrophic healthcare expenses derail your retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning’s role is to minimize stress on survivors, and ensure that assets pass as efficiently as possible.